Tenth Meeting - 29 August 1997


List of attendees - 29 August 1997


A list of meeting attendees is here.



The meeting opened at 9.20am. The Chairman, Mr Joe Hockey MP, welcomed members to the meeting and noted the following apologies:

  • Mr Robert McClelland MP, represented by Ms Lyn Hespe
  • Mr Stephen Mutch MP
  • Ms Sandra Nori MLA, represented by Ms Ros Habig
  • Ms Maria Patrinos
  • Cr Mary Rawlings, represented by Ms Judith Ohana
  • Mr David Saul
  • Cr Kevin Schreiber
  • Mr Ross Sheerin
  • Mr Paul Zammit MP



Members adopted the provisional agenda and agreed to proceed in the order listed with the following items included under Item 9, Other Business:

  • 9A - BRW article about Sydney Airport expansion
  • 9B - IMC concerns
  • 9C - Noise Insulation Program matters



It was agreed that the Summary Record of the ninth SACF meeting held on 31 July 1997 be confirmed subject to an amendment to the Draft under Agenda Item 4 requested by Mr Kevin Hill.

Actions arising from the meeting were noted.



FAC Undertaking re East-West Runway

As promised at the ninth SACF meeting, the FAC provided a letter confirming that "the proposed development of the Sydney International Terminal to the south-west will not impact on the use of the east-west runway and the implementation of the Long Term Operating Plan for the airport". The letter, dated 27 August 1997, was tabled at the meeting. David Lidbetter expressed the view that, because the operation of the east-west runway would in some circumstances rely on continuing co-operation between the FAC and Airservices, he retained major reservations about whether the integrity of the LTOP could be maintained.

Airservices Freecall Phone

Mr Col McCurley of the Noise Enquiry Unit announced that Airservices had decided to re-install the freecall number. It had not been determined how members of the community would be made aware of the number.

Altitude of Aircraft over Coogee

It was reported by DTRD that this matter was now under examination within an IMC working group which would be holding its first meeting on Monday 1 September 1997.



The Chairman reported on the meeting which had been held with the Minister on 27 August 1997 and which had also been attended by Anthony Albanese, Barry Cotter, Kevin Hill and David Lidbetter.

The Chairman summed up the discussion with the Minister on each of the major items in the following way:

(i) International terminal expansion

David Lidbetter had expressed strong concerns on behalf of SACF about the terminal expansion and the general goals of FAC management. The Minister had indicated that the expanded terminal facilities were needed to cater for traffic growth and this had been recognised by the Parliamentary Public Works Committee.

(ii) Runway 16L threshold

Strong concern had been expressed by the SACF delegation about the Minister's apparent policy reversal on this issue. The Minister had indicated that there was a noise sharing case for the threshold relocation and FAC had been asked to include the project in the wider program of capital works needed to support the LTOP. The Minister had said that he expected the LTOP to be fully implemented by January 1998.

(iii) Movement Cap at Kingsford Smith

The Minister had indicated that the Bill to give effect to the movement cap and slots arrangements had approval for introduction in the current Parliamentary Sittings but that the Minister would not agree to a reduction in the cap to below 80 movements per hour.

(iv) Impact of the LTOP on Kurnell

Kevin Hill had presented the case for special assistance for Kurnell. The Minister had expressed some surprise to hear that there had been mixed views about a "buy out". The Minister had noted that discussions had been sought with DTRD about a possible simulation of the LTOP impact on Kurnell.

(v) Marrickville Council Court Costs

The Minister had expressed a firm view that the Government would not underwrite the legal costs incurred by Councils in mounting court challenges.

(vi) Noise insulation issues

The Minister had apologised for not undertaking the visit to the insulation area and undertook to do so as soon as possible.

The Chairman then invited other members of the SACF delegation to give their views on the meeting.

David Lidbetter commented that it had been a disappointing meeting. From his standpoint, it appeared that, while the Minister had expressed unequivocal support for a second airport, there was no evidence of Government willingness to constrain the expansion of Kingsford Smith Airport. He also said that he could not understand the Minister's unwillingness to ensure consistency between the Long Term Operating Plan, slot management arrangements and the cap.

Anthony Albanese commented that it was good that the meeting had taken place but that the Minister's responses on a number of issues raised doubts about the weighting that the Minister accorded to SACF views. He indicated that he would be reintroducing his Private Member's Bill if the Government's cap legislation was not brought forward. He also emphasised the need for conclusive decisions on long outstanding insulation issues.

Barry Cotter was strongly critical of the Minister's response on the Marrickville Council court costs issue. He added that he had given the Minister's Adviser a list of SACF resolutions, most of which had received a negative response. Among other things, he was disappointed that the number of buildings eligible for insulation had apparently been reduced.

A general discussion took place about the insulation program and concerns were expressed that changes in program eligibility had not been widely announced and that treatments proposed for churches were inadequate and had been delayed too long.

DTRD reaffirmed that the insulation priority for the next two years will be the newly affected areas east and west of the Airport. DTRD informed the meeting that, up to 30 June 1997, a total of $136 million had been spent on the noise insulation program while a total of $56 million in revenue had been collected through the aircraft noise levy.

Judith Ohana requested that her view that she was disappointed the Minister had not accepted SACF resolutions be put on record.

Concern was expressed that the absence of a formal ANEF for the Airport is creating problems for planning authorities. Margaret Martin advised the meeting that Randwick Council had decided not to re-zone a large tract of land due to this issue.



Jeremy McGrath, FAC, gave a presentation on the program for the construction of rapid-exit taxiways. He informed the meeting that under the proposed timetable the 16L runway threshold would be relocated between February and June 1998. Members expressed opposition to the relocation taking place until the LTOP had delivered demonstrable noise reductions to the north of the Airport.

The Chairman asked if Airservices can give a report to SACF at its next meeting on the likely impacts of the timing of the taxiway construction program on the achievement of the LTOP targets.

David Lidbetter tabled a summarised report on events at the two IMC meetings. IMC met on 18 and 26 August 1997. Copies of the membership list were distributed.

Major issues in Mr Lidbetter's report were:

  • Stage 1 of LTOP had commenced on 3 August 1997 with the introduction of Modes 5 and 14A. New departure flight tracks are expected to be implemented on 4 December 1997.
  • Procedures to remove the West Pymble beacon are under way.
  • The merits of installing an ILS on runway 25 are being examined.
  • ICAO A and B procedures were discussed in the context of Coogee. A working group has been established to examine the advantages of the two procedures.

The Chairman thanked David Lidbetter and Kevin Hill for the summary.



The reports were noted.



The correspondence was noted.



9A Judith Ohana raised the issue of a the Business Review Weekly (BRW) article about the expansion of Sydney Airport, stating she was concerned over the provocative tone of the article. She stated there is a recognition by the community that KSA has major problems and there appears to be a plan by the FAC to expand KSA to a massive size. The Chairman agreed that the sentiment of the article was in contrast to the aims of SACF and the Government's policy.

A letter from Sydney Airport's General Manager, Tony Stuart, to the Editor of the BRW responding to the article which was tabled at the meeting indicated that Mr Stuart had not discussed Sydney Airport's sale value and process with BRW's reporter.

9B Margaret Martin tabled the following motion seeking to add two additional community representatives and an environmental ombudsman to the IMC:


1. resolves to reiterate and clarify its position on the membership of the Implementation and Monitoring Committee (IMC) to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development in particular:

(a) to correct the false impression that the SACF only recommended two community representatives to the IMC;

(b) to confirm that the IMC must have an independent environmental auditor; and

(c) to correct the impression that Tony Williams was put forward as a community representative

2. calls upon the Minister to appoint two additional community representatives to the IMC being: (a) Henri Richards from the East and Maria Patrinos from the West in accordance with SACF recommendations;

3. calls upon the Minister to appoint an environmental ombudsman to the IMC being Tony Williams in accordance with SACF recommendations.

When put to the vote, the motion was lost.

9C It was agreed that the insulation issues had been discussed under Item 5. Ros Habig passed to DRTD a list of residents who had expressed concerns about the insulation program.



Members agreed to the date of the eleventh SACF meeting which is to be Friday, 19 September 1997.