Eighth Meeting - 20 June 1997


List of attendees - 20 June 1997


A list of meeting attendees is here.



The meeting opened at 9.35am. The Chairman, Mr Joe Hockey MP, welcomed members and noted apologies from:

  • Mr R McClelland MP, represented by Ms Lyn Hespe
  • Ms S Nori MLA, represented by Ms Ros Habig
  • Cr P Olah, represented by Cr John Griffin
  • Ms M Patrinos, represented by Ms Toula Bull
  • Mr D Saul, represented by Mr Randolph Griffiths
  • Cr Ross Sheerin, represented by Mr Bob Hayes
  • Mr P Zammit MP

Members discussed the Minister's response to SACF's resolutions on both the FAC expansion and 16L threshold issues. Members expressed strong concerns at the Minister's positions on both issues. Members asked a number of questions of the FAC representatives concerning the existence and status of planning documents which provided for expansion at Sydney Airport.

The FAC representative undertook to provide SACF with an estimate of the additional cost if the international terminal expansion was to take place at the northern end compared to the present proposal.

The Chairman asked about the possible distribution to SACF members of FAC's advice to Airservices and Airservices' advice to the Minister on the potential for the expansion to affect east-west runway operations. With the agreement of both FAC and AA, the Chairman directed that the advice be distributed.

The Forum was briefed on the Minister's decision to permit the relocation of the threshold of runway 16L. The DTRD representative explained that, because the relocation would facilitate the noise sharing objectives of the Long Term Operating Plan, the Minister had decided that this proposal be progressed on the same basis as other infrastructure proposals that would achieve the noise sharing targets of LTOP.

Members expressed strong concerns about the decision and indicated that the overriding consideration should be the expansion of airport capacity which would result from the threshold relocation. Some concerns were also expressed about whether the noise analysis in the DTRD Proponent's Statement on the LTOP accurately reflected the change in operating conditions.

Mr Bourke expressed the view that the approach to the Runway 16L threshold recently announced by the Minister was consistent with that which had been discussed between the SACF Sub-committee and the FAC earlier in the year. Mr Lidbetter disagreed with Mr Bourke's statement.

There was a general feeling amongst members that there was the need for an opportunity to express the Forum's concerns directly to the Minister on this and a range of other issues.

The meeting adopted the following Resolution moved by Mr Albanese:

"This meeting of the Sydney Airport Community Forum express our dismay at the rejection of the Minister, Mr John Sharp, of the SACF Resolutions opposing the expansion of the international terminal facilities and the extension of the third runway by relocating the threshold. We reaffirm our opposition to these proposals.

If SACF Resolutions are ignored it further undermines the community consultation process to the point where it is an irrelevant talkfest.

We also note the failure of the Government to support the Private Members Bill to legislate the capacity at Sydney Airport at 80 movements, or introduce its own legislation, in spite of numerous SACF Resolutions supporting such legislation.

In view of the obvious adverse impact upon the LTOP that this expansion represents, we ask the Minister to meet with SACF to discuss his view as to the role of community consultation and our strongly held views on the above positions related to the expansion of Sydney Airport".

The Chairman agreed to seek to arrange a meeting between the Minister and SACF with the following items to be on the agenda:

  • FAC international terminal expansion proposal
  • 16L threshold relocation proposal
  • Hourly cap on movements and slot control legislation
  • Impact of LTOP on Kurnell.

If for logistical and other reasons the whole of SACF could not meet with the Minister, then the Chairman undertook to organise a smaller group of SACF members to attend a meeting.



Members agreed to the proposed agenda noting that Mr Albanese foreshadowed an intention to raise acquisition and insulation issues under Item 7.



The DTRD representative briefed the Forum on the Proponent's Statement. He noted there was no indication yet as to when the Minister for the Environment would make a decision on whether further environmental assessment would be required.

Concern was raised that the DTRD Proponent's Statement did not adequately address noise impacts and that the movement to the west of the north-easterly jet departure track from Runway 34R did not take account of recent and future changes in land use, particularly around Green Square.

Airservices Australia undertook to follow up a query by Mr Hill on a laden 747 flight which had taken off from Runway 16L.

Messrs Hill and Mutch raised the issue of exposure of Kurnell residents to aircraft noise. While members were sympathetic to the circumstances of Kurnell residents, some cautioned that extending the voluntary acquisition program to Kurnell would serve to entrench operations at Sydney Airport.

The Chairman agreed to write to the Minister seeking a formal response from the Government to Mr Mutch's letter to Mr Hockey of 10 February 1997 on the special circumstances of Kurnell.

Mr Lidbetter raised the issue of the compatibility of the LTOP proposals with the operation of the proposed slot management system. He indicated that, while he had raised the issue during the presentation on the slot management system (at the SACF meeting on 22 April 1997), he was seeking a formal response.

The meeting adopted the following Motion moved by Mr Lidbetter:

"SACF requests the Minister for Transport to ensure that the development of the slot management system for KSA will be integrated with the Long Term Operating Plan and all decisions to allocate slots will fully take into account the ability of the LTOP to achieve its stated noise sharing objectives.

SACF seeks the Ministers' assurance that the slot system will not be introduced until it can be demonstrated that LTOP stated movement rates of 55% south, 17% north, 15% west and 13% east are capable of consistent achievement over the long term and whilst the slot system is operative."

Ms Grusovin raised some issues regarding the 066 radial contained in a letter from one of her constituents. DTRD undertook to provide further information to Ms Grusovin.



The Chairman briefed the forum about his meeting with a number of Mayors where it was agreed that they could forward nominations for the IMC to be tabled at SACF.

It was decided to forward the following five SACF nominations to the Minister:

  • David Lidbetter
  • Kevin Hill
  • Maria Patrinos
  • Henri Richard
  • Tony Williams - Environmental Auditor

It was further agreed that the Minister be advised that, if there were to be a lesser number of SACF representatives on the IMC, the preferred nominees would be David Lidbetter and Kevin Hill.

It was agreed the SACF representatives on the IMC would be representing the interests of SACF as a whole and not the interests of any particular geographic area. It was agreed that SACF should reserve the right to withdraw the representatives if their performance was not satisfactory.

Mr Hayes suggested the following addition to the Terms of Reference of the IMC as a 'high level' statement to precede the current four items :

"Oversee the practical implementation of the Long Term Operating Plan to ensure the integrity, intent and targets of the Plan are met."

The Chairman agreed to write to the Minister suggesting that this should be included in the IMC's Terms of Reference.



The Forum agreed to a motion moved by Mr Albanese that discussion of this item should be deferred until the next regular meeting.

The FAC undertook to provide the Secretariat with an informal document updating development activities at KSA.



The SACF correspondence was noted.



The meeting agreed to reaffirm Mr Albanese's resolution adopted at the 22 November 1996 meeting regarding compensation for businesses in Sydenham and community facilities and fibro and weatherboard homes. Mr Albanese asked the Chair to pursue with the Minister the urgent need for a decision.

It was agreed that Ms Patrinos' concerns over the use of the east-west runway would be discussed at the next SACF meeting.



A number of members expressed their inability to attend a meeting on 29 July 1997.

It was agreed that the Secretariat would contact members to determine a suitable meeting date.

The meeting closed at 12.30pm.