Seventh Meeting - 11 March 1997


List of attendees - 11 March 1997


A list of meeting attendees is here.



The meeting opened at 9.10am. The Chairman, Mr Joe Hockey MP, welcomed members and noted apologies from:

  • Mrs K Chikarovski MLA, represented by Ms Marie McGoldrick
  • Mr J Clarke, represented by Ms Alison Duncan
  • Cr B Cotter, represented by Mr Michael Refshauge
  • Ms D Grusovin MLA, represented by Mr Pat Williams
  • Cr M Martin, represented by Mr Tony Williams
  • Mr S Mutch MP, represented by Mr Peter Mattson
  • Ms S Nori MLA, represented by Ms Ros Habig
  • Cr P Olah
  • Ms M Patrinos
  • Mr D Saul, represented by Mr Jim Socratous
  • Cr K Schreiber, represented by Cr Lorraine Rodden
  • Mr P Zammit MP

The Chairman thanked officers from Airservices Australia, the Federal Airports Corporation and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for their attendance at the meeting.

The Chairman referred to incorrect reports in the media that he was paid a stipend of $8000 per annum. He wished to set the record straight and that in fact he does not receive any remuneration for being Chair of SACF.



Members adopted the provisional agenda and agreed to proceed in the order listed. The meeting agreed to include discussion of the proposed "Rockdale Development" in conjunction with Agenda Item 6 and to several additional items being raised for discussion under Item 8 "Other Business".



The Draft Summary Records of the Sixth SACF meeting held at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Phillip Street, Sydney, on Monday 17 February 1997, and the Special Meeting held at Airport Central on Friday 21 February 1997, were accepted without amendment. Correspondence and actions arising from the meetings were noted.

The meeting agreed to accept the invitation extended by the Tourism Council of Australia for a SACF representative to attend a Council meeting. David Lidbetter is to attend the Council meeting in Brisbane on 8 April 1997.

The Chairman reminded the meeting that the FAC had, at the special meeting on 21 February 1997, undertaken to give quarterly briefings on Sydney Airport developments to the Forum. The meeting noted the undertaking which was given by the FAC and confirmed its agreement to the briefings occurring.

The Chairman advised the meeting of correspondence which he had just received from the FAC's new General Manager for Sydney Airport, Mr Tony Stuart, inviting the Chairman to meet with him.



Developments at Port Botany

CASA gave an explanation of the altitudes required to clear the cranes at Port Botany but indicated that, if future plans to expand the port proceed, cranes may be closer to the Airport which will change the turn parameters.

The Chairman agreed to write to the Sydney Ports Corporation requesting advice on the options being considered in the Corporation's Master Plan.

The FAC indicated that it is meeting with the Sydney Ports Corporation to discuss these issues and a strategy.

Mobile Noise Monitoring

Members requested more time to study the mobile noise monitoring report and that this item remain on the agenda. In response to a request by the meeting, Airservices explained that the issue of underestimation by the Integrated Noise Model of sideline noise under study by the International Civil Aviation Organization would take some time. Airservices undertook to provide briefings on the study to SACF as appropriate.

East-West Runway Operations

An Airservices representative spoke to the report [SACF 97/25] which indicated that weather conditions and usage levels had dictated the heavy use of the parallel runways during the latter part of February.

Airservices also indicated that it was now in a position to address the issue of runway changes back onto the parallels at 10.00 pm on weekends. It would also be taking steps to ensure that the 10.45 pm cut off on take-offs over the suburbs did not have the effect of invalidating the options of using the east-west runway because of the "two hour rule" in the TLI of August 1996.

Information Papers requested from FAC

The Chairman wished it noted that the FAC had provided all information requested at the last meeting.

Outstanding SACCC matters

Members discussed advantages and disadvantages of ICAO "A" and ICAO "B" procedures before agreeing to consideration of the proposal being part of implementing the Long Term Operating Plan.



Members discussed at length the concerns over increased operations to the south under the Long Term Operating Plan. In particular, Mr Hill raised concerns over two recommendations (10 and 12) which were not raised during the community consultation period.

The Chairman noted that SACF had agreed at its 17 February meeting to indicate general acceptance of the Plan while recognising that individual members had difficulties with specific elements of the Plan. The Chairman further noted that no decisions had been taken on the proposals in the Plan and that it had been open to individual SACF members (and their constituencies) to raise these issues as part of the public comment process on the Plan.

The meeting generally agreed that it would not be appropriate for SACF as a body to take a formal position of opposition (or support) for particular recommendations in the Plan at this stage.

The meeting agreed that the same position be taken in regard to Cr Martin's proposals.



The Chairman requested members of the subcommittee, David Lidbetter, Tony Williams and Michael Refshauge, to report on progress.

Mr Lidbetter tabled notes on the meeting of 4 March 1997 between the subcommittee, FAC, DoTRD, Airplan and Qantas which had examined the summary of impacts assessed by Airplan in its Review of Environmental Factors (August 1996) for the FAC. The FAC and DoTRD stated the notes of the meeting of 4 March 1997 were not entirely accurate in representing FAC and DoTRD positions.

The general view of the meeting was that movement of the threshold should be considered as part of the Long Term Operating Plan, preferably near the end of the implementation.

Concern was expressed by the meeting that the FAC may go ahead with work before or soon after the original agreed date of 31 March is reached. It was agreed there should be an urgent meeting of SACF around the end of March/early April if it was apparent the FAC was to proceed with works.

In the meantime members expressed a view the FAC should not proceed until such time as SACF has had the opportunity to meet again.

The meeting agreed to the Chairman's request that the matter be placed with him so that he can discuss it further at a meeting with the General Manager of Sydney Airport.

The separate issue of the proposed "Rockdale Development" was raised by members, and the FAC questioned about its involvement in the proposal and why SACF had not been informed of it at the Special Meeting on 21 February 1997.

Mr Albanese proposed the following resolution which was adopted by the meeting.

"That SACF express concern at the failure of the FAC to fully brief the committee at the meeting held on 21 February 1997 on the proposed Rockdale development.

This represents a breach of faith with the community which has further undermined relations with the FAC."

The Chairman undertook to write to the FAC, inviting a full briefing of the Forum on the issue.

The meeting also adopted the following resolution which the Chairman undertook to raise with the FAC.

"That SACF notes the agreement of the FAC to consider reviewing the environmental impact of bringing forward the implementation of the Sydney Airport Planning Strategy and seeks their advice accordingly."



The monitoring reports distributed to members were noted for discussion at a future meeting if required.



The meeting reaffirmed its position on the need for Commonwealth funding as compensation for businesses in the Sydenham area affected by the acquisition of residential policies.

Mr Hill raised the issue of a Russian jet which broke the curfew on 8 February 1997. The Department of Transport and Regional Development informed the meeting that it was a Russian Government aircraft and that the matter had been taken up with the Russian Embassy through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Mr Albanese enquired about progress with the preparation of Government legislation to restrict movements at the Airport to 80 aircraft per hour. The meeting adopted the following resolution:

"That SACF calls for the immediate introduction of a legislated cap of 80 movements per hour at Sydney Airport."



Members agreed to the date of the eighth SACF meeting which will be Friday 18 April 1997 commencing at 9.00 am unless an urgent meeting was required in relation to the 16L threshold issue.

The meeting ended at 11.50am.