Meeting 4/2015 - 06 November 2015

Agenda Item 1

Opening Remarks and Adoption of Agenda

The Chair welcomed members and guests. He noted that a result of the resignation of the Member for North Sydney, his representative Bob Hayes, is attending as an observer. However the Chair invited Mr Hayes to take a seat at the table and participate.

Apologies were noted from:

  • Neil Harley, representing the Member for Reid;
  • George Bousamra representing the Member for Watson. Mr Jimmy Bai will be standing in for Mr Bousamra; and,
  • Louise Marcus MP, Federal Member for Macquarie.

New Faces:

  • Alix Collins replaces Jack Pinczewski as the representative for the Member for Wentworth;
  • The Deputy Mayor of Marrickville, Cr Rosana Tyler, representing Marrickville Council;
  • Geoff King, Director, Corporate and Community, representing Rockdale City Council;
  • Mr Ron Brent the Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO).


A draft agenda was circulated on 5 August 2015, and no new Items of business were proposed.

The Western Sydney Airport Agenda item 4 was moved to Agenda Item 8 to enable attendance by Mr Peter Robertson.

Agenda Item 2

Confirmation of Draft Summary Record of Meeting 3/2015

2.1—Incorporation of suggested changes

It was agreed to incorporate the amendment suggested by Mr Plummer. The Draft Summary Record was confirmed with this change.

2.2—Action Items arising from previous meetings

All of the Action items from the last meeting have been completed.

The Chair wrote to the new NSW Planning Minister, the Hon Rob Stokes MP, to make him aware of SACF's views on a proposed development on Kurnell. This was agreed at the SACF Meeting of 22 May 2015, but was not included in the Action list for that meeting.

A letter was sent to Professor Robert Cohen of the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre suggesting a meeting to discuss aircraft noise research but so far no response has been received. The secretariat contacted the HEARing CRC to confirm that they had received the letter.

Action 01/04—The Secretariat to follow up with the HEARing CRC on a proposed meeting to discuss aircraft noise research.

Agenda Item 3

Community Question Time—Members of the Community

There were no community questions.

Agenda Item 4

Sydney Airport Report—Mr Plummer

Mr Plummer provided an update on the Ground Transport Plan including the completion of Centre Road and a new pick up and drop off area that has improved traffic flow. He also spoke of work to improve cycling and pedestrian access to the airport for employees.

The Airport is awaiting the Government's Notice of Intention, setting out the terms of development and operation of Western Sydney Airport. Community feedback indicates considerable support for the Western Sydney Airport.

A copy of Mr Plummer's presentation will be circulated after the meeting.

Agenda Item 5

Airservices Australia Report—Ms Keenan

Ms Keenan provided an update on aircraft movements, performance against LTOP targets and a summary of the inquiries received for the period July—September 2015.

Aircraft Noise Information Report for Quarter 3:


  • Total movements were around 26,000–27,000 per month in Q3 2015
  • Jet numbers have been averaging around 20, 000 movements
  • Propeller aircraft around 6,000–7,000 per month.
  • Helicopters are around 200 per month.
  • Total movements for August and September were in line with the three-year average, July movements were slightly higher.
  • Movements remain fairly consistent for the last 12 months, with February the only month where numbers were below 25 000 (this could be due to the short month).

LTOP Runway end targets

LTOP targets—North 17%—South 55%—East 13%—West 15%

  • North 34.14%—This result is above the LTOP target and above the previous month (28.2%)
  • South 52.03%—This result is below the LTOP target and below the previous month (52.78%)
  • East 12.27%—This result is below the LTOP target and below the previous month (18.14%)
  • West 1.56%—This result is below the LTOP target and above the previous month (0.88%)

There was an increase in complainant numbers under Runway 34 flight paths, in particular from Maroubra, Marrickville and Paddington. This corresponds with the historical seasonal increase in the use of 34 operations in the late winter months due to prevailing winds. Inquiries also indicated a perceived increase in aircraft numbers, and an increase in complaints about curfew operations, including high priority emergency aircraft operations. Work would continue to understand these trends and ensure suitable information is available to explain operations to concerned residents. The overall number of complainants for Sydney Airport in Quarter 3 of 2015 was lower than for the previous three quarters.

Mr Clarke suggested that the Secretariat could email a link to the Aircraft Noise Information Reports and the Sydney Airport Operational Statistics reports to members when they become available.

Action 02/04—The Secretariat to email a link to the Aircraft Noise Information Reports, and the Sydney Airport Operational Statistics Reports to members, when they become available.

In response to a question on what action is taken to address complaints, Ms Keenan outlined an approach where complaints data are used to identify current issues, and to undertake strategic noise improvement investigations, which aim to find practical improvements, even if they can only make a difference in a small area. This is an area where Performance Based Navigation (PBN) may be useful.

Action 03/04—Airservices to give a presentation on PBN and how it might be used to improve noise outcomes at a future meeting.

Agenda Item 6

Implementation and Monitoring Committee (IMC) Report—Mr Clarke

The IMC discussed the proposed use of the B777-200 ER aircraft, considered additional information on noise and aircraft numbers and movements and endorsed the use of the third runway by B777-200 ER aircraft.

In response to a question put to IMC on whether PBN for Sydney is part of the OneSKY Program, Mr Clarke explained that Performance Based Navigation (PBN) is a satellite-based navigation technology, whereas the OneSKYprogram is Australia's new harmonized civil-military air traffic management system, which will replace both current systems.

The Aeronautical Information Package is a comprehensive guide to aeronautical procedures for pilots. Airservices will advise IMC if there are any changes to procedures in the AIP which may affect aircraft noise.

Agenda Item 7

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Reports—Ms Rosengren

Ms Rosengren provided a summary of the business jet operations during the curfew. A total of 43 movements by business jet types operated at Sydney Airport during the period 1 August to 31 October 2015. There were five movements by three new aircraft types permitted to operate since the introduction of the Sydney Airport Curfew (Curfew Aircraft) Instrument 2015.

She summarized the curfew dispensation report, SACF correspondence and SACF phone line, as provided in the report circulated prior to the meeting, and highlighted an additional letter was received from the Deputy Prime Minister noting the outcomes of the last meeting and stating no additional funding would be provided to assist SACF prepare a submission to the WSA EIS. The DPM's letter was circulated to the group prior to the meeting.

Mr Bihary noted that there are several new members in the group and it would be useful if the Secretariat could circulate a list of relevant acronyms to members. It was suggested that introductory information on LTOP also be circulated. It was agreed that the Secretariat would put a package together and bring it to IMC for consideration.

Action 04/04—The Secretariat will put together a list of materials to provide useful background information for new SACF members, and take it to IMC for consideration before bringing it back to SACF at the next meeting.

Agenda Item 8

Western Sydney Airport Environmental Impact Statement—Mr Robertson

The draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Western Sydney Airport (WSA) was released on 19 October 2015 and is open for public comment until 18 December 2015.

The Chair advised that no funding was available for an expert, however the Commonwealth would provide support to assist SACF develop their submission in the form of secretariat and technical support from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Airservices Australia and the ANO.

Consistent with the Terms of Reference for SACF, the Chair suggested that a submission on the draft EIS should focus on noise abatement and the potential impact on the operations of Kingsford Smith Airport (KSA) including LTOP and flight paths.

Mr Robertson, General Manager, Western Sydney Unit, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, gave a brief presentation on the draft EIS and the Airport Plan. The draft Airport Plan is the formal document which will authorize the first stage of development of the Airport. The EIS covers construction, Stage 1 (single runway) operations and a range of mitigations to minimize the impact. The public consultation period for the EIS has been set by the Minister for the Environment, and exceeds the minimum legislative requirement of 30 days.

The Forum raised several issues during the discussions:

  • The draft EIS and Airport Plan only show indicative flight paths and state that additional aeronautical studies would be completed closer to time of commencing operations. The lack of more definitive flight path information makes it hard for residents to understand the true impacts. Public consultation must be undertaken during the airspace review and when final flight paths are known.
  • The use of modelling inputs to generate ANEF (INM v/s AEDT).
  • How operations at WSA will be phased in and possible impacts of the operations of KSA.
  • Changes to permitted curfew movements at KSA.
  • The documents don't accurate acknowledge the impacts and effects of noise from aircraft overflying at 5,000 feet.
  • While the original Terms of Reference of SACF included a reference to the second Sydney Airport, the current terms of reference of the group (attached) only refer to Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport and have been in place in this form since 1999.
  • Members were keen to see that lessons learned from the third runway EIS be reflected in the submission on the WSA EIS including the need to not underestimate the impacts of aircraft noise and also describe noise and flight paths in a way that residents can best understand.

The SACF secretariat will prepare a draft submission to be circulated to members, as set out in the following timetable:

  • Secretariat will capture views raised during a discussion in this meeting today
  • Members can provide additional comments via email by 20 November 2015
  • Secretariat will prepare a draft submission for circulation by 2 December
  • Members to provide comments on the draft by 9 December
  • Secretariat to circulate final submission to members on11 December
  • Any final comments by members must be received by 15 December to meet the 18 December deadline for submission.

Agenda Item 9

Other Business

Agenda Item 10

Date of next meeting

It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Friday 19 February 2016 from 9.00am to 12.00 noon. Mr Plummer agreed to host this meeting at Sydney Airport, and offer a tour of the airfield after the meeting for those who wish to learn more about how the airport operates.



J. Alexander Chair
B. Abrams Representing the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
J. Bihary Representing the Member for Bennelong
J. Bai Representing the Member for Watson
J. Clarke Representing the Member for Bradfield
K. Cruden Representing the Member for Grayndler
M. Donoghue Representing the Member for Kingsford Smith
R. Edney Virgin Australia
B. Hayes Representing the Member for North Sydney
N. Harley Representing the Member for Reid
K. Hill Community Representative for the South
M. Patrinos Community Representative for the West
J. Patterson Representing the City of Botany Council
T. Plummer Representing the Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
K. Schreiber Representing the Sutherland Shire
R. Tyler Deputy Mayor of Marrickville
K. Welsh Representing the Mayor of Leichhardt
M. Wilson Representing the Member for Summer Hill
J. Woods Representing the Member for Cook
M. Yu Representing the member for Barton

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

S. Rosengren Acting General Manager, Aviation Environment
J. Collis Aircraft Operations Section, SACF Secretariat
P. Robertson General Manager, Western Sydney Unit
A. Sutherland Director, Airports, New South Wales

Airservices Australia

P. Carroll Air Traffic Control Line Manager
E. Keenan Manager Community Relations


K. Allcott Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
S. Annand Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
P. Barker Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
R. Brent Aircraft Noise Ombudsman
P. Holt Besmaw Pty Ltd
G. King Rockdate City Council
I. Koernicke Sutherland Shire Council
Y. Lee Transport and Tourism Forum
C. Miller Qantas
M. Laverty Officer of the Member for Cook
P. Thorne No Aircraft Noise Party