Meeting 3/2015 - 28 August 2015

Agenda Item 1

Opening Remarks and Adoption of Agenda

The Chair welcomed members and guests. Apologies were noted from:

  • Elissa Keenan Paul Carroll and David Moore, Airservices Australia; Wayne Lewis will represent Airservices.
  • Jo Haylen MP, Member for Summer Hill; Mitch Wilson will represent Ms Haylen MP
  • Maria Patrinos, Community Representative
  • Nick Moncreiff-Hill representing the Member for Kingsford Smith. Mitch Donoghue will represent the Member for Kingsford Smith
  • John Woods representing the member for Cook. Meredith Laverty will represent the Member for Cook.
  • Ron Hoenig MP, Member for Heffron
  • Louise Markus MP, Member for Macquarie
  • Ron Brent, Aircraft Noise Ombudsman (ANO), and Tim Abberton from the ANO's Office.

The Chair welcomed Shona Rosengren, Acting General Manager of Aviation Environment Branch in the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, and Ming Yu, representing the Member for Barton.


The draft agenda was circulated on 5 August 2015. Two items were listed for discussion as Other Business:

  • SACF submission into the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) for Western Sydney Airport; and,
  • the CASA Sydney Basin Aeronautical Study

Agenda Item 2

Confirmation of Draft Summary Record of Meeting 1/2015

2.1—Incorporation of suggested changes

The change suggested by Mr Plummer in the record of discussion of the Sydney Basin Aeronautical Study under Agenda Item 4 was accepted. The record was confirmed with this change.

2.2—Action Items arising from previous meetings

All of the Action items from the last meeting have been completed.

Agenda Item 3

Community Question Time—Members of the Community

Mr David Borella from BIKESydney requested an update on cycling access and facilities at the airport. Mr Plummer will cover this in his Sydney Airport Report.

Agenda Item 4

Update on enquiry to National Acoustic Laboratories about noise research

Dr Dillon, Director of Research at the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) replied to an inquiry from the Chair about aviation noise research on 3 July 2015, advising that NAL has a full research programme and would not be able to undertake the aircraft noise research proposed by SACF at this time. The Chair noted that the Forum has never had the funds to conduct such a study, and now it seems that the research expertise is not available either.

He noted that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) is finalising a white paper summarizing the state of scientific knowledge on aviation noise, including the relationship between aviation noise and community annoyance, children's learning, sleep disturbance and health impacts.  This is expected to be completed in February 2016, and it was suggested that the Secretariat circulate a more detailed outline of the ICAO work to the Forum, and that this issue be revisited once the ICAO white paper is complete.

Mr Clarke reported that discussions with Dr Hede indicated that the Hearing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) may be interested in researching the impacts of aircraft noise and suggested that the Chair contact Professor Robert Cowan to arrange a meeting to discuss this issue.

Action 01/03—The Chair to write to Professor Robert Cowan of the Hearing CRC to arrange a meeting to discuss aviation noise research.

Agenda Item 5

Sydney Airport Report—Mr Plummer

Mr Plummer reported that construction under the Ground transport Plan was progressing, with the new centre Road completed and a five lane exit road to Qantas Drive due for completion in December 2015.

A nine-month formal consultation period for Western Sydney Airport ended on 30 June 2015, and the Government has indicated its intention to issue Sydney Airport with a Notice of Intention setting out the material terms for the development and operation of the Western Sydney airport by the end of this year.  Sydney Airport will then have four or nine months to consider exercising the option. The Government has commissioned the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Airport Plan, to be released for public consultation late November or early December 2015.

Sydney Airport strongly supports efforts by the Australian and NSW governments to deliver vital ground transport linkages for the new airport. Sydney Airport was recently awarded Level Two Airport Carbon Accreditation by the Airports Council International. Carbon reduction initiatives include energy efficiency savings, low emission vehicles and installing LED lighting. The Airport is investigating the use of electric buses for the Airport's ground transport operations.

Sydney Airport supports community initiatives including the Ronald McDonald House charity, sponsoring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra's school concerts program, and a partnership with the Sutherland Shire Council to deliver the ‘Live Life Get Active’ program.

Sydney Airport will take control of Terminal 3 from Qantas four years ahead of the schedule on 1 September 2015, at a cost of $535 million. Qantas will continue to use the terminal exclusively until June 2019 (when their lease would have expired), after which the terminal will move to common use, with some priority rights for Qantas.

Western Sydney Airport

Mr Hayes raised the question of whether there would be a mechanism that would ensure that airlines moved quickly to make use of the new Western Sydney Airport. It was expected that strong demographic demand within the Western Sydney region would attract customers and airlines follow.

The issue of a SACF submission into the draft EIS for Western Sydney Airport was discussed at this point. One option is for the Secretariat to circulate the EIS, collect members' views and compile a submission based on those views. It was suggested that a representative from the Western Sydney taskforce address the Forum at the next meeting. Mr Clarke put the view that an independent expert be commissioned to assist members in preparing a submission and noted that the former Minister agreed to provide such assistance if required.

Action 02/03—The Chair to write to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development requesting funding for an independent expert to assist SACF in preparing a submission into the draft EIS for Western Sydney Airport.

Action 03/03—A representative from the Western Sydney Taskforce to be invited to address the Forum on the EIS at the next SACF meeting.

Further information on the Environmental Assessment for Western Sydney Airport is available from the Western Sydney Airport website.

Sydney Basin Aeronautical Study

Mr Clarke raised the issue of the SACF input into the draft Sydney Basin Aeronautical Study and requested that the secretariat provide an update on this issue.

Action 04/03—The Secretariat to provide an update on SACF's input into the draft Sydney Basin Aeronautical Study.

Agenda Item 6

Airservices Australia Report—Mr Lewis

TMr Lewis reported that there were 28,180 aircraft movements in July, an average of 909 per day. Individual mode use in excess of 9 hours was recorded on 25 days during July, comprising mode 9 on 16 days, mode 10 on 8 days and SODPROPS on one day.

Aircraft movements by runway end for July were as follows:

  • North 27.55%—This is above the LTOP target (17%) and below June (30.86%)
  • South 52.52%—This is below the LTOP target (55%) and above June (52.31%)
  • East 18.38%—This is above the LTOP (13%) target and above June (15.29%)
  • West 1.55%—This is below the LTOP target (15%) and above June (1.54%)

It was noted that Airservices reports on noise complaints used to be a standing Agenda Item. Airservices noted that it would include these reports in future as part of the Airservices report Information on noise complaints is published on a quarterly basis on the Airservices website.

Mr Pinczewski asked whether PBN for Sydney is part of the One Sky program. Mr Lewis advised that Performance Based Navigation, or Smart Tracking is a form of satellite based navigation technology, whereas One Sky is a program to harmonise and update civil and military air traffic management.

Action 05/03—Airservices will provide noise complaint information as part of their report in future.

Agenda Item 7

Implementation and Monitoring Committee (IMC) Report—Mr Clarke

Mr Clarke reported on the proposal put forward by the Board of Airline representatives of Australia (BARA) to allow B777-200ER aircraft to operate on the third runway. Airservices agreed to provide further information on the noise footprint for the B777-200ER and A330s, and data on the numbers of aircraft movements and diversions. Airservices will continue to collect data on the number of aircraft towing operations that occur during the day while various runway modes are in use.

In response to a question, Airservices agreed to circulate information on runway use by aircraft detailed within the Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) for Sydney, and provide information on how the AIP is updated to the IMC. The AIP may be viewed on the Airservices website.

Agenda Item 8

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Reports—Ms Rosengren

8.1—Business Jet Curfew Movements

Ms Rosengren reported that there were 41 curfew movements by business jets, comprising 21 medical emergency flights and 20 flights by other business jets.

This represents an increase in the number of medical flights over the same period in 2014 (6) and a decrease in the number of flights by other business jets (26). No flights involved aircraft types that were approved to operate during the curfew under the legislative instrument issued in February 2015.

8.2—Curfew Dispensation Report

This report was noted. Three curfew dispensations were approved and three were rejected.

8.3—SACF Correspondence

This report was noted.

8.4—SACF Telephone Line

This report was noted.

Agenda Item 9

Other Business

Other business issues were dealt with under Agenda Item 5.

Agenda Item 10

Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held on 6 November 2015.



J. Alexander Chair
B. Abrams Representing the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
J. Bihary Representing the Member for Bennelong
G. Bousamra Representing the Member for Watson
J. Clarke Representing the Member for Bradfield
K. Cruden Representing the Member for Grayndler
M. Donoghue Representing the Member for Kingsford Smith
R. Edney Virgin Australia
B. Hayes Representing the Member for North Sydney
N. Harley Representing the Member for Reid
K. Hill Community Representative for the South
M. Laverty Representing the Member for Cook
W. Lewis Representing Airservices Australia
J. Patterson Representing the City of Botany Council
J. Pinczewski Representing the Member for Wentworth
T. Plummer Representing the Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
K. Schreiber Representing the Sutherland Shire
K. Welsh Representing the Mayor of Leichhardt
M. Wilson Representing the Member for Summer Hill
M. Yu Representing the member for Barton

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

S. Rosengren General Manager, Aviation Environment
J. Collis Aircraft Operations Section, SACF Secretariat
T. De Raadt Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development


K. Allcott Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
S. Annand Board of Airline Representatives of Australia
C. Brown Besmaw Pty Ltd
I. Koernicke Sutherland Shire Council
Y. Lee Transport and Tourism Forum
L. Sierakowski Office of the Member for North Sydney
W. Southcott No Aircraft Noise Party
D. Stani Overnight Aircraft Operators Association
J. Stewart Sydney Airport
P. Thorne No Aircraft Noise Party
T. Williams Sydney