Third Meeting - 23 September 1996


List of attendees - 23 September 1996


The third meeting of the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) was held at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Phillip Street, Sydney, on 23 September 1996. The list of attendees is here.



The meeting opened on 23 September at 9:10am. The Chairman, Mr Joe Hockey MP, welcomed members and noted apologies from:

  • Mr R McClelland MP, Member for Barton
  • Mr S Mutch MP, Member for Cook
  • Cr R Sheerin, Bennelong Community
  • Mr J Clarke, Upper North Shore Community, represented by Ms A Duncan
  • Cr B Cotter, Mayor of Marrickville, represented by Mr M Refshauge
  • Cr P Olah, Mayor of Hurstville, represented by Cr J Griffin
  • Mr D Saul, Sydney Airport Forum Pty Ltd, represented by Mr G Lee
  • Captain D Wiltshire, Aviation Industry Council of Australia, represented by Mr B Bourke

The Chairman raised the issue of attendance at SACF meetings by advisers from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). He asked that, if SACF members wished to have CASA advisers attend meetings, the specific issues requiring a CASA contribution should be identified in advance so that attendance by the appropriate technical personnel from CASA can be arranged.



Members adopted the provisional agenda and agreed to proceed in the order listed.



The Draft Summary Record of the second SACF meeting held at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices in Phillip Street Sydney on Monday 26 August 1996 and reconvened at Mascot on Monday 2 September 1996 was accepted without amendment as were the Actions Arising.

Members noted the correspondence from the Chairman to the Minister conveying the SACF's views on matters discussed at the previous meeting.

Members again raised the issue of additional representation on SACF, particularly from the Botany area in view of the impact of take-offs to the north from Runway 34R.

The Chairman informed the meeting that he had spoken with the Minister about areas not currently represented and that, based on these discussions, he anticipated that SACF will have additional representation from both east and west of the Airport.

Some members expressed concern that any additional SACF appointee(s) from the Botany area should be clearly representative of, and accountable to, the local community.

Following this discussion, Mr Albanese proposed:

"That the SACF requests the Minister to urgently appoint two representatives from the Local Government Mayor, Federal or State Parliamentarians and a community representative from the Botany area."

This was adopted as a SACF resolution.

Members discussed the Minister's recent announcement that take-offs to the north from runway 34R would be introduced. Some members expressed concern that the reasons for the Minister's decision to proceed to early introduction of runway 34R take-offs had not been communicated to SACF.

Some members also saw a need to clarify whether the decision to introduce runway 34R take-offs was a short term measure, and how it might impact on the development of the long term operating plan for the Airport.

The Chairman reminded members that a wide range of views had been expressed within SACF on runway 34 take-offs and that these had been passed on to the Minister. The Chairman also reaffirmed that he expected to have a response from the Minister before the next meeting in relation to the decision to introduce runway 34R take-offs in advance of the completion of the Airservices Review.

After considerable discussion about the appropriateness of further SACF action on this issue, the following resolution was proposed by Mr Albanese and received majority support:

"SACF notes with some reservations the decision to allow take offs to the north on Runway 34R.

"SACF is specifically concerned that this mode of operations entrenches parallel operations with the potential of increased capacity in movements at the Airport. The early introduction of 34L and R departures may also seriously compromise the rigorous development of three runway modes at the Task Force."

Mr Zammit moved the following which was adopted by the meeting:

"SACF requests that Ministerial advisers be present at future SACF meetings to explain the Minister's position on particular issues."



(i) Resheet of the main runway

Mr Bourke reported on the meeting between interested SACF members and CASA representatives on 13 September 1996 to discuss curfew operations during the resheet of the main runway.

Mr Albanese requested that the meeting note concerns about the impact on Tempe of the proposed temporary change in operational arrangements under which take-off and landings would occur on the main north-south runway.

(ii) Notices of Motion

Mr Albanese requested that Motions 1 to 3 (Document SACF 96/23) be deferred until after the proposed SACF inspection tour of the Sydney Airport Noise Insulation Program.

Following considerable discussion, SACF adopted the following resolution (which was an amended version of Motion No. 4 - Document SACF 96/23) proposed by Mr Albanese:

"The SACF takes the view that until a solution that is satisfactory for residents to the current aircraft noise problem in Sydney is implemented, including the operation of a second Sydney Airport, the Government should not proceed with the sale of leases at Sydney Kingsford Smith and Sydney West Airports."

"Further SACF supports Minister John Sharp's announcement in accordance with SACF's view that no sale will proceed until at least 2000."

Mr Bourke requested that it be noted, in relation to Cr Tudge's motions dealt with at the reconvened second SACF meeting, that NOx is not carcinogenic.

(iii) SACCC matters

Members noted the Chairman's request to the Minister that he consider implementing five proposals that had been under consideration by the former Sydney Airport Community Consultative Committee (SACCC) (Document SAC 96/26). Members also noted that further information was being sought on a further five of the SACCC proposals and that Airservices' Air Traffic Management Task Force had been asked to consider another four of the proposals in conjunction with the development of a Long Term Operating Plan of the Airport.

Mr Bourke wished it recorded that industry disagreed with SACCC proposal number 9 regarding a weight limitation of 80% of maximum load for Boeing 747 aircraft departing to the north on runway 34L.

Dr Dahl (Airservices) provided an update on the preparation of a report on the program of mobile noise monitoring initiated by the former SACCC. He indicated that the draft report was still awaiting clearance by the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority.

(iv) Tour of insulation program buildings on 23/9/96

The Chairman advised the meeting of a change to the previously announced schedule for those members who wished to participate in the afternoon's tour of buildings in the insulation program.

(v) Sydney Airport Forum correspondence

Correspondence between the Sydney Airport Forum and Airservices/Minister's Office in conjunction with an ATS Temporary Local Instruction (TLI) on preferred runway use was discussed.

Members questioned Airservices on the current and likely ultimate usage level of the east-west runway. Airservices maintained that the ultimate level of usage of the east-west runway will be considered as part of the long term plan.

Airservices agreed to give consideration to the terms of the TLI and to provide a further response on the issue to SACF.



Mr Warner (Airservices) addressed the meeting on progress with the review of airport operations and airspace and the development of a proposed long term operating plan.

The Chairman outlined action taken since the previous meeting to address SACF concerns about the appointment of consultants to audit the capacity of the various runway operational modes being considered in the course of the Airservices review. The Chairman acknowledged the co-operation of the Minister and Airservices in enabling an appropriate SACF input into the consultancy selection process.

Members discussed the issues of length of time they would have to consider the Airservices' proposals and whether trials of proposed flight paths were possible.

The Chairman proposed the holding of public meetings at representative locations on each side of the Airport to explain the possible options and to enable SACF to obtain community feedback. Airservices agreed to assist with the presentations.

The Chairman also foreshadowed the possible need for a special SACF meeting to consider the issue.



The monitoring reports distributed to members were noted.



Dr Dahl spoke to a paper which he had tabled on the methodology and assumptions used in the environmental assessment of runway 34R take-offs. He explained in particular why Leq values rather than ANEFs had been used.

Dr Dahl also discussed issues associated with the requested provision to community representatives of Noise and Flight Path System information. He agreed to provide the Chairman with a formal response on this issue.

Members discussed media comments by Mr John Coates, President of the Australian Olympic Committee, concerning the possible lifting of the Sydney Airport curfew.

The following resolution proposed by Ms Nori was adopted by the meeting:

"That SACF views with concern comments by John Coates (President AOC) stating he believes congestion at KSA before and during the Olympics can be solved by lifting the curfew.

The committee endorses the Minister's comments to the effect that KSA should continue to operate without reducing current curfew arrangements."

The Chairman undertook to release a media statement on behalf of the SACF on the curfew issue and to write to Mr Coates.

Eight motions proposed by Mr Hill were tabled [SACF 96/39]. The meeting agreed to defer discussion on the motions until after Mr Hill had clarified the wording of No. 7 and the members have time to consider the motions and seek advice on their feasibility.



Members agreed to the date of the fourth SACF meeting which will be Monday 11 November 1996 commencing at 9:00am.