Fifth Meeting - 22 November 1996


List of attendees - 22 November 1996


The fifth meeting of the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) was held at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Phillip Street, Sydney, on 22 November 1996. Attendees are listed here.



The meeting opened on 22 November 1996 at 9.20am. The Chairman, Mr Joe Hockey MP, welcomed members, particularly Ms Deirdre Grusovin MLA as a new member, and noted apologies from:

  • Mrs K Chikarovski MLA, represented by Mr Alan Bonham
  • Mr S Mutch MP, represented by Mr Peter Mattson
  • Cr P Olah
  • Cr K Schreiber, represented by Cr Lorraine Rodden
  • Captain D Wiltshire, represented by Mr James Kimpton
  • Mr P Zammit MP



Members adopted the provisional agenda and agreed to proceed in the order listed. Several members raised issues for which it was agreed that discussion under Agenda Item 5, the Long Term Operating Plan for Sydney Airport, was appropriate.



The Draft Summary Record of the fourth SACF meeting held at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Offices, Phillip Street, Sydney, on Monday, 11 November 1996 was accepted without amendment. Actions arising from the fourth meeting were noted.



(i) Sydney Airport movement cap

In the light of discussion of the “Sydney Airport (Regulations of Movements) Bill 1996” at the previous meeting, members discussed the announcement by the Minister for Transport and Regional Development that the Government would introduce legislation at an early date to impose a cap of 80 movements per hour at Sydney Airport. The Chairman indicated that he would write to the Minister to clarify the Government's proposed timing for its Bill.

(ii) Sydney Airport acquisition and insulation program

Mr Albanese’s motions 1 to 3 (Document SACF 96/23), which had been held over from previous meetings, were considered. The motions were as follows:

(1) SACF reaffirms SACCC’s resolutions calling for:

  • immediate compensation for Sydenham businesses as a result of lost income
  • real financial assistance for those wishing to relocate their business
  • advice to be made available for those wishing to remain in the area.

(2) SACF reaffirms SACCC’s support for a mixture of open space and community facilities in the Sydenham acquisition area. We call upon the Federal Government to provide funds for this project.

(3) SACF calls upon the Minister for Transport and Regional Development to establish a committee to consider cases for insulation above $45,000 for weatherboard and other homes in the insulation zone. This committee should include representation from DoT, DAS, and the SACF.

Following discussion, the meeting adopted motions (1) and (2) in the terms set out above.

Motion (3) was amended and subsequently adopted as follows

"SACF resolved that in the insulation area where fibro and weatherboard homes cannot be adequately insulated owners should be offered voluntary acquisition on the same basis as properties exposed to 40 ANEF and above."

(iii) Kurnell issues - motions by Mr Hill

Mr Hill introduced each of his eight motions (Document SACF 96/39) but agreed to defer discussion until after his meeting with the Chairman on 25 November 1996.

(iv) Outstanding SACCC matters

The meeting discussed five proposals that had been carried over from the former SACCC (Document SAC 96/26) and on which further briefing had been sought from the Secretariat (Document SACF 96/54).

SACCC Proposal (5) was reaffirmed as follows:

“Aircraft presently using Sydney Airport and which are categorised as Chapter 2 aircraft, be prohibited from arriving or departing between the hours of 10pm and 7am on any day (this restriction would have immediate effect on aircraft such as ILYUSHIN, Boeing 727 and Fokker F-28).”

Discussion on SACCC Proposal (10) (adoption of ICAO "A" take-off procedure to the south) was deferred until the next meeting when further technical advice could be made available to the Committee.

The meeting agreed with Proposal (15) but noted that there was no need for further action on the part of SACF.

Discussion of SACCC Proposal (17) noted that it would be inappropriate for legal responsibility for noise abatement measures to be ascribed to the airport operator (as distinct from the air traffic management authority). The discussion also noted that an alternative approach would be to provide for the responsible air traffic authority to be publicly and regularly accountable for the operating arrangements at the Airport.

The meeting noted, in relation to Proposal (19), that aircraft are already noise rated according to maximum load and that jet aircraft landing at Sydney Airport are currently liable to pay a noise levy which is calculated on the noise rating of the aircraft.

(v) Mobile noise monitoring

Members requested the Secretariat to pursue with Airservices Australia the finalisation of the Mobile Noise Monitoring Report.

(vi) Valuation of Mercedes Benz parts business

The meeting agreed that because the resolution on compensation for Sydenham businesses had been adopted, it would note Mr Albanese’s letter of representation on behalf of the owner of a Mercedes Benz parts business in Sydenham and refer the correspondence to the Department of Transport and Regional Development.

(vii) Correspondence from Mr John Coates

The Chairman agreed to respond to a letter dated 28 October 1996 from the President of the Australian Olympic Committee, Mr John Coates, and inform him that the Forum rejected the suggestion that a survey of residents be commissioned to test community reaction to the possible lifting of the curfew.



The Chairman commented that the recently completed public consultation process had gone some way towards alleviating community cynicism about efforts to more equitably share the noise burden at Sydney Airport. The Chairman officially thanked officers of Airservices Australia, the Department of Defence, and the Department of Transport and Regional Development for their participation in, and assistance with organising, the round of public consultations. He also thanked the community representatives who had attended all six meetings. He expressed the intention of writing individually to all those involved to acknowledge their contribution.

Mr Albanese said that members of the Forum wished to thank the Chairman and Roxanne Cameron for the exhausting effort of contributing to the roadshows.

Members considered a draft “Report on Community Consultation on the Long Term Operating Plan for Sydney Airport” circulated at the meeting. Subject to the incorporation of minor amendments agreed at the meeting, the Chairman was authorised to send the final document to Bill Pollard, the Chief Executive Officer of Airservices Australia, with copies to the Minister for Transport and Regional Development and SACF members.

The Chairman wished the Task Force well in finalising the report to the Minister.



Members raised no issues under this item.



Members noted that the sixth SACF meeting will be held on 17 February 1996 commencing at 9.00am at the same venue.

The meeting closed at 12.40pm.