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Summary Records—2013

Some files available from this web page are provided for historical interest purposes and may not be accessible.

If you experience difficulties and would like to request an accessible version, please contact us using the feedback page. Please include which device and assistive technology you are using.

  • Summary Record: Meeting 4—22 November 2013 [PDFPDF: 494 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
  • Summary Record: Meeting 3—2 August 2013 [PDFPDF: 485 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
  • Summary Record: Special Meeting 12 July 2013 [PDFPDF: 566 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
  • Summary Record: Meeting 2—24 May 2013 [PDFPDF: 634 KB] [ReadSpeaker]
  • Summary Record: Meeting 1—22 February 2013 [PDFPDF: 605 KB] [ReadSpeaker]