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Correspondence—2015—Chair to National Acoustic Laboratories

Dr Harvey Dillon
Director of Research
National Acoustic Laboratories
Level 5, Australian Hearing Hub
16 University Avenue

Dear Dr Dillon

At the Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) meeting of 20 February 2015 Dr Andrew Hede and Dr Rob Bullen presented their views on the continued validity of the 1982 study “Aircraft noise in Australia: A survey of community reaction”.

The original study was funded by the Federal Department of Transport and undertaken by the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL) by Drs Hede and Bullen. Drs Hede and Bullen discussed how the 1982 study might be improved if it were undertaken today and gave an assessment of the need for a new study.  I have attached a discussion paper provided by Drs Hede and Bullen on this matter. They recommended that your organization would have the skills and expertise to conduct a new study if a decision were taken to replicate this research.

I understand that this is a major focus of research and I would appreciate your views in relation to whether NAL would be able to undertake such a study, and your thoughts on the scope, phasing and cost of such a study. Given the breadth of international research conducted or underway I would also be interested in your views on the scope and cost of an initial literature review of relevant international research on aircraft noise.

I would like to make it clear that this is all at a very early exploratory stage, and there has been no decision to proceed with research in this area, or any funding available at this stage.

I would suggest that NAL contact Mr Scott Stone, General Manager Aviation Environment in the first instance to discuss the likely scope of such a study. Mr Stone can be contacted on Tel. (02) 6274 7605 or by email to scott.stone@infrastructure.gov.au

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Yours sincerely

John Alexander
24 March 2015