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Correspondence—2015—Chair to Minister re Meeting 2 2015

The Hon Warren Truss MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development
PO Box 6022
Parliament House

Dear Deputy Prime Minister

The Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) met on 22 May 2015 and discussed a broad range of issues relating to Sydney Airport.

Airservices Australia (Airservices) developed a detailed response to a series of questions raised by two Hunters Hill residents regarding the operation of the Long Term Operating Plan (LTOP) for Sydney Airport. Airservices also prepared a detailed response to a series of questions from a SACF member on the capacity of noise sharing runway modes. A number of questions raised by members of the No Aircraft Noise Party regarding the Western Sydney Airport were answered by representatives of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and the Sydney Airport Corporation Limited.

Members expressed concern that a draft report of the Sydney Basin Airspace Study being prepared by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) took no account of long-established noise abatement measures including LTOP, the Sydney Airport Curfew or the Movement Cap. The Forum has made those concerns known to CASA in its submission on the draft report.

The Forum agreed to refer a proposal from the Board of Airline Representatives Australia to allow Boeing B777-200ER aircraft to operate on the third runway to the Implementation and Monitoring Committee (IMC) for further consideration and analysis. The proposal aims to avoid a situation where an international flight may be diverted to another airport in circumstances where the main runway is closed but the third runway is available.

An emerging issue being considered by the IMC is the idea of developing alternative ways to measure success in aircraft noise management. It is generally acknowledged that runway end targets are a blunt instrument and the IMC proposes to develop a suite of measures to define good noise management for further consideration by SACF.\

Yours sincerely

John Alexander

23 June 2015