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Correspondence—2015—Chair to Minister re Meeting 1 2015

The Hon Warren Truss MP
Deputy Prime Minister
Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development
PO Box 6022
Parliament House

Dear Deputy Prime Minister

The Sydney Airport Community Forum (SACF) met on 20 February 2015 and discussed a broad range of issues relating to Sydney Airport.

The Forum was provided with a series of questions from two Hunters Hill Residents, about the operation of the Long Term Operating Plan (LTOP) for Sydney Airport. Airservices Australia and the Sydney Airport Corporation Limited will provide a combined response to these questions.

The authors of the 1982 study Aircraft noise in Australia: A survey of community reaction, Dr Andrew Hede and Dr Rob Bullen gave a very informative presentation on the continued validity of the study, how it might be improved if it were undertaken today and an assessment of the need for a new study. I have agreed to undertake further investigation of the cost of replicating this aircraft noise research.

Mr Dennis Cliche provided a presentation on the WestConnex project, and outlined a number of options for developing road transport connections to Sydney Airport. Mr Bob Hayes, representing the Member for North Sydney, raised a number of questions about the operational capacity of the noise-sharing modes of LTOP, and it was agreed to conduct further analysis and report back to the Implementation and Monitoring Committee on these matters.

The Forum expressed an interest in making a submission on the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Western Sydney Airport. In that context I would like to ask that a broad range of noise metrics and noise impact measures be included in the EIS for Western Sydney Airport.

Yours sincerely

John Alexander

24 March 2015